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How To Extend The Life Of Gabion Baskets?

Mar. 19, 2019

The length of life of an item depends on how much you care about it, in order to make it easier for everyone to use Gabion Baskets. As a Gabion Baskets China Supplier , Hebei Nova will introduce you how to extend the life of Gabion Baskets .

The service life of the gabion net depends on the quality of the mesh, the durability of the stone, and the stability of the packing. The gabion net after anti-corrosion treatment such as overmolding and galvanizing is different from other retaining walls because it is generally not subject to chemical corrosion.

Examining the plastic during or during installation may be partially damaging due to external factors. Signs of damage from the surface and experimental data indicate that the damage is only partial, temporary and does not lead to the collapse of the integrity of the mesh. When designing the mesh mesh, it is not necessary to consider the bearing capacity of the overall structure of the mesh. Local damage does not affect the overall bearing capacity.

Hexagonal Gabion

The gabion net protection structure is installed under its own gravity. In doing so, the weight of the gabion net will gradually increase, and the space that has not been filled will be reduced. When installed on a soft soil foundation, more can be installed to enhance the protection. The mesh structure of the gabion net allows vegetation to grow and thus maintain ecological integrity.

In short, what we have to do is to protect our own stone cage network at all times and pay special attention to the correct use in every link, so that we can make better use of the convenience brought by the stone cage net, and also can be used more durable. they.

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