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Precautions For Using Gabion Boxes

Mar. 14, 2019

Gabion Boxes are wire or polymer screen fabrics that hold the stone in place. Metal mesh gabion net can be used for slope support, foundation pit support, mountain rock face hanging net shotcrete cage, slope planting (greening), railway high-speed road blocking net, it can also be made into cage , mesh mats, used for anti-scour protection of rivers, dikes and seawalls, cages for reservoirs and river closures. As a company that produces Gabion Mesh , let's talk about the issues you need to be aware of when filling stones into the gabion net.

Any stone that is filled with fillers usually only needs to be round or quarry in shape. If the function of the structure of gravity should account for more important factors, or the structure is immersed in water or exposed to running water, the material with specific gravity is good and should be given priority. In order to determine the durability of the structure, these stones must be resistant to climate change, not fire, insoluble and easily broken, but also very difficult. The galvanized stone cage network structure penetrates and the natural role of groundwater and the inclusiveness of the filter, so the importance of the surrounding environment and ecology is indispensable. In addition, due to the filtering effect of the galvanized gabion net, the filling of the deposited silt can promote the growth of natural things, which will not only strengthen the natural structure of the cage structure, but also promote the area. Dynamic flora to restore the original ecosystem.

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