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  • PVC coated reno gabion mattresses
  • PVC coated reno gabion mattresses
  • PVC coated reno gabion mattresses

PVC coated reno gabion mattresses

Sizes of gabion mattress/reno mattress:

Standard sizes: 6x2x0.17m 6x2x0.23m 6x2x0.30m 3x2x0.17m 3x2x0.23m 3x2x0.30m
Mesh size(mm): 60x80mm,80x100mm,100x120mm,120x150mm
Wire diameter: 2.2mm/3.2mm,2.4mm/3.4mm,2mm/3.0mm

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Product Details

Product Description:

Reno Mattresses are a flexible woven mesh system, which have many advantages over block walls, reinforced concrete or concrete mattresses. Since they are flexible, a gabion mattress can deform to differential settlements, while maintaining their functionality.

Mattresses are a specialised form of gabion which are, mattress shaped, in that they have a relatively larger plan size and shallower depth. Their primary use is in protecting the bed and so tend not to be seen

Length(m)Width(m)Height(m)Mesh type(mm)

Flexible woven mesh system pvc coated reno gabion mattresses

(All sizes and dimensions are nominal. Tolerances of ± 3% of the width, length, and ±2.5 cm of the height shall be permitted.)

Gabion mattress is made of double twisted hexagonal woven mesh, The lacing proceedure of a gabion mattress ensures that the unit acts as one structure. come standard with zinc galvanizing and can also be ordered with an addional PVC coating for more resistant to corrosion.

How to built gabion mattress?

Step 1 Reno Mattress Erosion Control

Individual Mattress is first unfolded on flat, hard ground and stamped to remove all kinks. The two long sides and both end panels are then lifted upright and secured in position by tying the selvedge wires together.

Step 2 Reno Mattress Assembly

The vertical edges of all internal diaphragms are attached to the sides and laced with typing wire or approved interlocking wire fastener.

Step 3 Reno Mattress Slopes River Beds

The assembled Mattress is then aligned in the required position and tied or fastened to adjacent mattress along the whole length of selvedge wire. Mattress units should be placed in proper position so that movement of rock fill inside the cage -- due to gravity or flowing current -- is minimal. Thus, on slopes, Mattresses should be placed with its internal diaphragms at right angles to the direction of the slope. On river beds, position Mattress with the internal diaphragms at right angles to the direction flow.

Step 4 Reno Mattress Hexagonal Mesh

The stone is placed into the compartments (cells). If it's a slope, start from the bottom. One or more Mattresses can be filled at the same time.

Step 5 Reno Mattress Erosion Control

Sequence the installation by keeping the stone filling crew well ahead of the lid placement crew. Lids or top panels must be securely tied or fastened to side-tops and end panels and also to the top of the inner partitions.

Step 6 Reno Mattress Form Cut Assembly

The Mattresses may be either telescoped or cut to form and tied at required shape when necessary, e.g. when Mattresses are laid on a radius. For a sharp curve, it may be necessary to cut the Mattress diagonally into triangular sections and tie the open side securely to an intact side panel.

Gabion mattress application:

As the nature of a mattress is flexible, they are commonly used for permanent erosion control in channels, riverbanks and slope stabilization.

Flexible woven mesh system pvc coated reno gabion mattresses

Flexible woven mesh system pvc coated reno gabion mattresses

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