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Ingenious Design Of The Appearance Of Gabion Baskets

Mar. 22, 2019

Today's people not only have quality requirements for products, but also put forward higher requirements for appearance. As a Gabion Mesh Manufacturer, Nova's Gabion Baskets are commonly used in river slope protection, and their design is in line with the quality and appearance of the product. Since the steel wires constituting the honeycomb grid shield have a certain tensile strength, they are not easily broken, and the fillers are filled with gaps, and have a certain ability to adapt to deformation.

Gabion Baskets are used in a wide range of water protection projects. The cages are designed to be divided into cells by a 1 meter partition (twisted hexagonal metal mesh). It is very guaranteed in quality. The mesh made of cage is made of galvanized or pvc-coated steel wire. It has corrosion resistance and high ductility and can adapt to the more complicated natural environment. It will not be unusable due to extrusion deformation. Moreover, the gap between the stones in the Gabion Baskets provides ample flow area, reduces hydrostatic pressure, and does not require special drainage and crack-prone concrete. In the place where the wind and waves are large, the protection works, the pores between the stones, make the wind and waves play on the mesh mat, the effect of the wind and waves is greatly resolved, the vacuum suction generated when the wind and waves retreat is also destroyed, and the protective effect can be effectively achieved.

Gabion Baskets are also designed to be aesthetically pleasing. The gabion net shield is a "cage group" consisting of a plurality of cages, and the mesh has a strong tensile strength. A strong protective structure is formed between the cage and the filler. The use of partitions reduces the movement between the stones and effectively enhances the stability of the structure.

It can be seen that Gabion Baskets are in line with people's needs both in terms of product quality and appearance.

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