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Gabion Mesh's Steps In Underwater Construction 1

Apr. 19, 2019

As a Wire Mesh Product Manufacturer, let's talk about the steps that Gabion Mesh uses for underwater construction.

First, construction stone

The stone block stone must be hard, fresh and complete. The thickness of the stone should be >20 cm, and the length to thickness ratio should be ≤3cm. Stones with sharp or thin edges should not be used. The ultimate compressive strength of stone is >40 Mpa, and the softening coefficient should be > 0. 85.

Second, ecological grid quality inspection, measurement and assembly

1. Check of the ecological grid:

After the ecological grid reaches the designated site of the construction site, in the presence of the supervision engineer of the supervision unit, the ecological grid size (including the mesh) is checked, and the qualified ecological grid is measured. The supervision engineer in the construction and the quality inspection personnel in the project department may randomly sample and measure.

Gabion Mesh

2. Ecological grid structure assembly:

According to the technical description of the ecological grid, the grid structure is assembled, and the ecological grid assembly is combined with land construction.

3. Lifting the installation of Gabion Mesh equipment,

The hoisting tools should be installed before loading. The installation of the hoist rings should be evenly distributed to avoid excessive local stress during hoisting. The assembled Gabion Mesh is filled with stone, mechanically filled, and capped after filling, waiting for lifting.

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