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Gabion Mesh's Steps In Underwater Construction 2

Apr. 30, 2019

As an Hexagonal Gabion Cage Factory, we continue to talk about the steps of Gabion Mesh under construction.

Third, construction technical requirements

1. Do a good job in construction plan

After the construction team enters the site, it is necessary to understand the construction conditions and the surrounding environment, start construction on the basis of comprehensively reading the design drawings, and reasonably arrange the construction sequence of each work to avoid construction interference and make construction notes.

2. Reasonably divide the construction area

According to the construction area, the key to the underwater construction is to divide the construction section reasonably. According to the thickness of each area of the design drawing and the underwater topographic measurement results before construction, the number of ecological grids to be hoisted for each grid is calculated, and the construction gear map is prepared.

Gabion Mesh

3. Measurement stakeout release baseline pile

On the shore near the hoisting area, according to the control points provided by the construction unit, a point is measured on the shore by means of the front intersection or the resection, so that the construction baseline is released. A positive baseline parallel to the length of the hoisting zone is established based on the known points of the survey.

4. Construction crane positioning

When the crane is selected, the equipment is in good condition and equipped with professional operators. The crane is positioned accurately and firmly. When Gabion Mesh is hoisted to the bottom of the water, the ecological grid will move due to the action of the water flow. Therefore, before the hoisting, the distance moved by the ecological grid under the action of the water flow should be calculated to ensure the accuracy of the hoisting target. In the specific implementation, the final design value can be determined according to the field experiment reference.

5. Installation of crane ecological grid

The hoisting Gabion Mesh is carried out in the standard grid in the order of safety, ensuring that the Gabion Mesh falls into the designated area after entering the water, thus achieving the purpose of uniform lifting. After the underwater erection ecological grid project is completed, the surveyor can use the GPS system to measure the underwater terrain of the hoisting area and some adjacent waters, and draw the underwater topographic map to compare the underwater topographic maps after hoisting. , determine the hoisting results.

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