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Introduction To The Functions And Features Of Gabion Mesh

Apr. 04, 2019

As a Gabion Baskets Manufacturer, let us introduce the characteristics of the gabion net.

Good water permeability

The retaining wall and the slope protection slope are constructed by cages. The filling material in the cage is loose and has more pores, which is beneficial to the discharge of pore water in the soil layer after the filling of the masonry and the slope protection. Surface water Once infiltrated into the soil, the groundwater level can be effectively reduced by the faster discharge of the masonry, thereby reducing the groundwater pressure behind and under the wall. Gabion Mesh structure in the landslide control and debris flow prevention and control project, the timely discharge of water reduces the probability of wall damage, and the good deformation ability of the wall can effectively buffer the sudden external impact.

Gabion Mesh

Excellent stability and overall function The Gabion Mesh sheet is a mechanically woven twisted-pair grid structure that is partially damaged and does not cause overall damage to the cage. The stone cage net material has moderate deformation characteristics, and the whole project is connected into a whole, without the need for slitting. Even if there is uneven subsidence, the whole structure will not produce cracks or serious problems.

The simpler construction method Gabion Mesh process can produce semi-finished products according to the design intention, and the construction site is assembled according to the design drawing, and then laid on the finished soil slope or excavated foundation pit. Slope protection or masonry into a cage cage retaining wall, filling the filling material, plus the cover net Serve. The operation is simple, the weather is less disturbed, and it is suitable for mechanized operation, which not only ensures the construction quality but also accelerates the progress of the project. During the construction of a construction unit, due to the influence of the weather, the construction unit transferred the workers who made the masonry retaining wall to the gabion net to protect the slope.

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