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Seven Elements Of The Installation Of Gabion Stone Basket

Jun. 12, 2019

The Gabion Stone Basket is easy to use, but its installation is also very important. Here is the Gabion Baskets Manufacturer to share with you the elements of the Gabion Stone Basket installation.

(1) Stagger the cage in place to avoid longitudinal through seams;

(2) Raise the cage on all four sides and lock the adjacent edges with the binding line. When the lock is locked, tie the binding line around the two overlapping frames (when stitching the edges) or the double twisted edges of the frame and the cage (When sewing the grille) Spiral tightly to avoid heavy galvanizing damage, the pitch is not more than 50 mm;

(3) When the net cage is installed on the finished bottom stone cage, apply the binding line to the bottom cage along the lower frame of the newly installed cage, and the adjacent cages of the same layer are also tied to each other. Hold the net cage together;

Gabion Stone Basket

(4) When the Hexagonal Gabion Cage is in place in the same horizontal layer of a unit project, the pebbles should be filled only after the Hexagonal Gabion Cage is in place. In order to prevent deformation of the cage, two adjacent cages (including adjacent compartments of the same cage) The height difference of the rockfill should not exceed 35 cm;

(5) Before the Hexagonal Gabion Cage is installed, the bank slope and the ground should be properly trimmed, and the original shape of the bank slope should be maintained as much as possible, but there should be no obvious uplifts and depressions;

(6) The filled pebbles are selected on the floodplain of the river, and the compressive strength should meet the design requirements. The pebbles should be between 8 and 20 cm in diameter, and the size and spacing should be reasonable to meet the design requirements of the voids and ensure the cage network. Straight line shape;

(7) When filling the pebbles in the Gabion Stone Basket, the exposed surface shall be pebble with a particle size of not less than 10 cm, and be artificially flattened to obtain an aesthetic surface and prevent the water from escaping the pebbles from the mesh. It should be ensured that the super-filled stone is 2. 5~3 cm high, so as to leave room for subsidence.

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